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Non Rising Steam Gate valve

Non Rising Steam Gate valve





Body material:Cast Iron,Ductile Iron

Applicable medium:Water,oil,gas,etc


Non Rising Steam Gate valve has good sealing effect, which overcomes the bad sealing, leakage and rust phenomenon of the general gate valve, and saves the installation space effectively.It can be widely used in water supply, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical industry, food, medicine, textile, electric power, ship, metal treatment, energy system and other fluid pipelines as adjustment and intercepting device.



Fire safe Design

Low Friction Body Seat

Zero Leakage

Technical parameters

DN D D1 D2 L b f Z-d H DO
ø40 ø150 ø110 ø84 140 19 3 4-ø19 203 ø180
ø50 ø165 ø125 ø99 150 19 3 4-ø19 223 ø200
ø65 ø185 ø145 ø118 170 19 3 4-ø19 248 ø200
ø80 ø200 ø160 ø132 180 19 3 8-ø19 274 ø220
ø100 ø220 ø180 ø156 190 19 3 8-ø19 307 ø250
ø125 ø250 ø210 ø184 200 19 3 8-ø19 362 ø280
ø150 ø285 ø240 ø211 210 19 3 8-ø23 400 ø280
ø200 ø340 ø295 ø266 230 20 3 12-ø23 487 ø320
ø250 ø400 ø355 ø319 250 22 3 12-ø28 573 ø350
ø300 ø455 ø410 ø370 270 24.5 4 12-ø28 661 ø400
ø350 ø520 ø470 ø429 290 26.5 4 16-ø28 733 ø450
ø400 ø580 ø525 ø480 310 28 4 16-ø31 810 ø450
ø450 ø640 ø585 ø548 330 30 4 20-ø31 889 ø600

Technical standard

Face To Face: DIN3202-F4/F5, ANSI B16.10, BS5163, BS5150, BS1218

Flange Drilling: ANSI B16.1/16.5 class125/class150, DIN2532/2533/2501

BS4504, BS10 table D or E

Pressure Test: API 598

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